Call for Papers


We solicit papers and expressions of interest for presenting, discussing and attending sessions. We anticipate having three to four papers presented each day for each program with assigned discussants and free time for open discussion. There should also be ample time to interact with colleagues and work outside the sessions. Some of the selected papers will be summarized in the ABFER Research Digest.

Electronic Submission

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Paper Submission Closing Date 15 January 2019
Paper Selection by 15 February 2019
Discussant Selection by 01 March 2019
Schedule Completion by 15 March 2019


  • There will be no conference volume; feel free to submit work that is or will be considered for review/publication elsewhere. Presented papers will be available on the Bureau’s website, and electronically distributed to participants and senior academic fellows. The previous ABFER workshop program and papers remain accessible.
  • The Bureau will reimburse reasonable travel costs as well as lodging expenses for the length of the full workshop, for one author per paper as well as discussants and panelists.
  • We encourage submissions from researchers early in their careers, and from researchers who are not affiliated with ABFER.
  • We will notify only those who are chosen as presenters, discussants, or panelists.
Draft Event Schedule